LED Dance floor

Looking for an LED Dance floor to energize your next event?

This LED dance floor does many things: It’s interactive, displays videos, shows graphics and logos, creates illumination and is a centerpiece for your event. Unlike anything you’ve been on before, this video dance floor not only shows you most anything you can put on a computer screen, but custom graphics for your company logo, promotion, emblem, design, monogram or message can be displayed on the floor.

There are several interactive functions which can be used separately from the custom graphics and video display feature. The interactive modes amaze and intrique anyone in the vacinity… They are drawn in like moths to a lantern. The fun continues once they find out that it reacts to them as well. 

Most LED dance floors are made of square tiles that illuminate the whole square one color at a time. Some of them will change patterns of color across the large floor area. Large block letters may even be able to be formed and visible if you are far away from those floors. This video dance floor is capable of scrolling text messages across the surface, displaying graphics, animations and more. Each panel is made up of 64 LED pixels that are individually controlled through special software that can redirect imagery from a computer screen, to the dance floor. This expands the funtionality of this video dance floor to display music videos, movies, promo clips and even custom animations and company graphics. Check out the videos for ideas on how this works as well as the interactive functions of this floor.

Light up dance floor

Looking to rent a light up dance for your next event? This one is not like the others. This light up dance floor can display graphics, videos, animations, text, effects and can even strobe, flash, spin, etc. most any design. Display a custom logo, motion graphic, special message or enjoy the interactive functions that create effects when people are on the floor. Individual LED pixels built into this light up dance floor will change color, creating fire works effects, puddles, spinning ying yang, explosions, etc. 

This light up dance floor is available for parties, receptions, corporate events, trade shows, fashion shows, etc. We do all the work including delivery, installation, operation and removal of the floor panels.

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